Workshop Informations

Submission Deadline:
Jan. 10 2016

Notification Deadline:
Feb. 10 2016

Final Camera-Ready Deadline:
Mar. 10 2016

Workshop Date:
May 15-18 2016

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For more information, please feel free to contact Prof. Ruisi He (

The 2nd International Workshop on Wireless Communications for High Speed Railways (HSRCom2016) will be held during May 15-18 2016. This workshop is affiliated with the 2016 IEEE 83rd Vehicular Technology Conference which will be held in Nanjing, China. Perspective authors are welcomed to submit 5 pages original and unpublished full papers on the following technical tracks:

- Dynamic channel simulation, measurement and modeling for HSRs
- Space-time coding, beamforming, MIMO, massive-MIMO forHSRs
- Dynamic interference modeling, management, cancellation, and alignment for HSRs
- Physical layer and fundamentals for wirelesscommunication with high mobility
- Fast power control, handover, localization for HSRs
- Relay and cooperative techniques for HSR systems
- Mobile, wireless, and green networking for HSRs
- Signal processing for wireless communications with high mobility
- Performance limits and system capacity for HSR wireless communications
- 4G/5G key technologies and their applications for HSRs
- Future intelligent transportation systems and applications forHSRs
- Dedicated HSR radio network and system architectures
- Other related topics

###Workshop Background High speed railway (HSR) has recently attracted muchinterest due to its capability of transporting largeamounts of customers with great comfort and high energyefficiency. Since the first HSR line Shinkansen was builtin Japan in 1964, the HSR has made great progress in France,Germany, Spain, and now in China. The operative railway lines in Chinawill be up to 120,000 km long by 2020, including over 16,000km HSR lines. The government investment on this will bearound 330 billion dollars.

Recent advances in HSR have led to requirements for improvements and enhancements to systems used for wireless communications. To meet the demands, a system that broadens the use of current and future wireless technologies is needed. Fundamentally new concepts and design approaches are needed, and these must be integrated into HSR communication systems that provide the necessary reliability,availability, maintainability, and safety. This workshop presents a forum for exchange of ideas between all stakeholders.The focus of HSRCom2016 is to showcase a unified vision for the future HSR communications, with an emphasis on wireless communications and other relevant technologies. HSRCom2016 will bring together individuals from academia, government, and industry to discuss and exchange ideas in the fields of wireless communications for HSRs.